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Running from Kastamonu in the west to Artvin in the east, the narrow coastal strip widens at several places into fertile, intensely cultivated deltas. The Samsun area, close to the midpoint, is a major tobacco-growing region; east of it are numerous citrus groves. East of Samsun, the area around Trabzon is world-renowned for the production of hazelnuts, and farther east the Rize region has numerous tea plantations. All cultivable areas, including mountain slopes wherever they are not too steep, are sown or used as pasture. The mild, damp climate of the Black Sea coast makes commercial farming profitable.

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The province is mostly covered with forests, thanks to the mild Black Sea climate. The Ilgaz National Park where a micro-climate dominates due to the mountainous terrain and numerous streams is 63 km south the province center Kastamonu. There is also a ski-center with accommodation facilities located near the park.

Ilgaz Mountain (highest peak 2587 m) dominates the south of the province where hiking and whitewater rafting is possible at the Ilgaz Stream. The Ilgarini cave at Cide, the Alinca underground cave at Kure, and the International Equestrian Tourism Center of Daday are other attractions worth seeing. The ruins of the Roman city-state Pompeiopolis are found near Taşköprü.

Kastamonu also has many mansions, which are traditionally built with an architectural style unique to this region. Many of these mansions have been restored following a declaration by the local government in 2000, in order to preserve the historical texture.


The Kastamonu Province is at the junction point of the historical Silk Road connecting south and east and west with north and Sinop port in Black Sea. The findings discovered in the Kastamonu province and conscience states that the first settlement period of the region is based to the Paleolithic period. The region has entered under the dominance of Hittitite, Persian, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantines, Seljukian, Shepherds, Candarogullari and Ottoman Civilizations.


Traditional nautical wood carvings, good crystal and the original cotton clothes of the city are praiseworthy and unique, so you will want to have examples of these artifacts. The seaside hotels and small holiday villages will make you stay longer and you will have the opportunity to sit in a fish restaurant by the harbor and watch the perfect combination of green and light blue while sipping your wine and tasting some traditional Turkish food. Hamsilos Fjord, 11 kilometers from the city center is the only fjord in the country.


Sinop is one of the most beautiful natural harbors on the Black Sea coast. There are many legends about the foundation of the city but the most dependable is that the Miletion colonists founded it in the 7th century BC and the city is the birthplace of the cynic philosopher Diogenes. According to another legend the province is said to have received its name from the Amazon Queen “Sinova”. The town’s citadel dates from that early age and the foundations of the Temple of Serapis is to be found on the grounds of the Archaeological Museum where some beautiful golden icons are displayed. The 13th century Alaeddin Mosque, the Alaiye Medresse, and the Balatlar Church are of interest in the city.


Samsun placed at the Black Sea Region is one of the region cities has highest tourism potential with , natural historical and cultural riches, opportunity of maritime, airway, air and railway arrival. Samsun preserve its importance and property by time with being commence place of Turk Liberation War by arrival of Atatürk at the date of 19 May 1919 due to plan defense of Anatolia.


People always were attracted by the combination of fertile ground and shallow waters for a harbor, due to this Samsun has a long history and its myths go back even longer. According to ancient myths the delta east of Samsun was the land of the Amazons. The geographer Strabo (64 BC-23 AD) describes the Amazons as a people of female warriors. In order to shoot easily with bow and arrow they had one of their breast removed. Amazon is derived from the old Greek and means ‘without breasts’. The Amazons used men from neighboring peoples to reproduce themselves and male children were sent to neighboring peoples. The myths situate the period of the Amazons about 1200 BC.


Ordu is the most suitable city of east black sea region by the means of sea tourism. City has sufficient potential for neighbor cities tourism demands by either existing beaches or settlement places interior from shore. Beaches around the Ordu city formed a capacity due to occupy summer demands and occupy daily tourism activities.


In the city nomadic life style is a kind of seasonal life style still keeps its activity nowadays. Çambaşı Plateau declared as an tourism center, Aybastı – Perşembe Plateau, Mesudiye – Keyfalan Plateau, Yeşilce – Topçam Plateaus and Akkuş – Argın Plateau, furthermore Cüle Plateau, Aydoğan Plateau, are important seasonal recreation areas of Black Sea Region with whether natural beauties or huge settlement capacities.


Cape Yason Natural and Archeological Sit Area in the borders of Çaytepe village Perşembe county, is form of a little peninsula lie towards sea. By means of second degree natural and archeological sit area it taken under protection. On this area a church with garden wall ruin still out stands. Moreover some parts of wall ruins lies all along the sea coast, ancient port and fish breeding pools remained to nowadays.


It is one of the great places where nature and clean oxygen are found at 3725 altitude. You will enjoy being on the clouds. A great material in professional photographers with landscapes


Giresun Piraziz, is one of the pearl like cities of Black Sea where green and blue are hug together at northern east of Anatolia. Virgin forests, plateaus and rivers of Piraziz, which are very appropriate to tourism in connection with natural and historic values, are very attractive.


Transportation: It is located 52 km. south of Giresun and part of the town of Dereli. The road to the village is asphalt as far as Dereli (30 km) and a plain dirt road to Kümbet (22 km.).  If nature walks in the area use İkisu as a starting point and go by way of Güdül, the vista is splendid.
The Kümbet Highlands, which is made up of Aymaç Hill, Melikli obası, Yavuzkemal and many other smaller highlands, are used heavily as camping and picnic areas. Situated 2 km west of Kümbet, is the magnificent peak of Aymaç.


The ruins of a monastery can be seen on the slopes of the Zigana Mountains to the south of Trabzon and at the foot of the mountain at the bottom of a wooded valley flows one of the tributaries of Değirmen Creek, which terminates at Trabzon. This place is known as “Meryem Ana”, or “the Virgin Mary” by the local people. Its old name is “Sumela Monastery”. Many people consider its origins to be extremely old, and this opinion is widely held among the Byzantine Greek community of the Black Sea coast. According to legends about the foundation of the monastery in books about Trabzon printed in Greek, the monastery was originally founded in the reign of Theodosius and rebuilt in the sixth century in the reign of Justinian by Belisarios, one of his commanders. However, foreign experts who have conducted on-site investigations consider that there is nothing to substantiate this hypothesis. The Monastery's main source of income is an icon of the Virgin Mary, which is reputed to be of great age and believed by many to possess miraculous properties. According to the legend, the icon is the work of Saint Luke, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ and it was sent to Athens after the death of Luke. However, in the reign of Theodosius (4th century) the icon declared its desire to leave Athens and was borne to this hollow in the mountains around Trabzon by angels and placed upon a stone. It was at that time that two hermits by the name of Barnabus and Sophronius, who were then travelling from Athens to Trabzon, happened to find the icon in this deserted spot. Thus, buildings which are the subject of such legends are automatically regarded as being exceptionally old. Sumela is not the only example of this type, it is only one of a number.


Uzungöl (English: Long lake) is lake situated to the south of the city of Trabzon in Turkey. Over the years it has become a major tourist attraction. It is also the name of a nearby village.The lake is at a distance of 99 km from Trabzon and 19 km from Çaykara district. It was formed by landslide making the stream bed to become a natural dam in the valley of Haldizen Stream. Situated at 1250 m., Uzungöl, with its unparalleled natural beauty, has become a popular tourist destination in the last few years. The infrastructure is complete and the 500,000 m2 lake has large numbers of trout and carp. Ten kilometers south of Uzungöl in the Holdizon Mountains is Lake Balıklıgöl, a perfect place to take a bike and observe wildlife in a pristine unspoiled environment.


The province of Rize is located inside the Eastern Black Sea Region is the province which displays most of the characteristics of the Region. The province is separated from other regions of Anatolia not only with its geographic structure, but also with its cultural structure. The province of Rize is a very special tourism city with its steep sloped valleys, mountains which you can climb to the peaks, glacier lakes, emerald green plateaus, historical arched bridges and castles and exuberant flowing creeks.

The plateaus are densely located at the skirts of the Kaçkar Chain Mountains, at the Çamlıhemşin, Hemşin, and İkizdere districts. These plateaus offer a living beyond the clouds with their well preserved original architecture style plateau houses. Ayder plateau, Upper – Lower Kavron and Anzer Plateaus among these numerous plateaus are declared as Tourism Center. Especially these plateaus become a frequent visiting place for local and foreign tourists.


Artvin is an authentic tourism place that contains various tourism values with festivals, it’s traditional architecture, historical churches, fauna and flora riches, castles and arched bridges, green plateaus, black roses, crater lakes placed at highs of mountains, natural virgin forests, mountains heights to 3900 meter arrange order by following each other, perpendicular sloped long valleys and Çoruh river divide province in two parts.

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