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Many would agree that the coastal region of the Aegean has some of the most stunning views in the country and, in the words of Heredotus, "have the most beautiful sky and the best climate in the world." The bays peninsulas, and golden beaches stretchthe length of coastline and this region was also the venue of countless mythological events.

Fethiye - Dalyan - Köyceğiz - Akyaka - Marmaris - Selimiye - Datça - Bodrum - Didim - Kuşadası - Selçuk - Seferihisar - Alaçatı - Karaburun - Urla - İzmir


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Oludeniz beach is one of the most beautiful in the world in 2006 by eighty-two percent of the beach were chosen. Town, tourism is quite developed. Likyalılarda the land of light and Sun, in the middle ages, is recognized as a "Realm", located in the Southwest Anatolia Teke Peninsula is located in. Turkey is one of the Lagoon (lagoon) in carriers. Dead Sea, such as the name of a lake. All kinds of sea sports, mountain climbing, hiking and whitewater rafting can be done making safari, since facilities from Babadağ with 2000 meters "Paragliding" are jumping at the opportunity.


Dalyan can be reached at the end of a road decorated with scented frankincense trees. The Dalyan Delta is a unique site, lying peacefully with its golden beach. Sea turtles of Caretta Caretta, and blue crabs live here making the area more attractive. On the other side of the channel is the marvelous view of the ancient city Caunos, which was situated on the border between Caria and Lycia and was an important sea-port. The first sight here is the unique and fascinating tombs carved into the rock and overlooking the waterway. Also of interest in this district is the acropolis lying a little inland, together with a Roman temple, antique theatre, Ibrab and Susandaa castles.


The mountains shelter the setting sun under hues of red and yellow. Possessing the most special gifts of nature and history, Köycegiz stands beside the same named lake at the tip of which touches the Mediterranean. Now a nature and wild life preserve, this site is a real paradise with its rare and beautiful setting, and with a history going back to 3500 BC. It is possible to cruise over the natural labyrinth – like channel, walled with reeds, that link the sea and Lake of Köycegiz, which is described as “smooth as glass” till noon and suitable for wind-surfing in the afternoon; it contains almost every kind of seafood including carp and crab.


Lying on the south coast of the Bodrum peninsula, the Gulf of Gökova is a fascinating corner of Turkey, offering lovely views with charming combinations of colors. Pretty shorelines covered with woodland offer every tone of green, while the sea is a wide range of blues.


Marmaris is a touristic place in south of Turkey. Marmaris has seaside to Mediterranean Sea. It is clear and there are so many beaches. Sun shines during the almost whole year. In summer, tourists always comes here. Marine and fishing are improved much. There are many fish restaurants that are famous around both the city and the country. Also Marmaris is a historical place. There are many residuals that comes from old civilizations, cultures and religions. For example, there are many churches, mosques and castles. If you want, you may observe these evidence in the Museum of Marmaris.  Moreover, there is a harbor that is huge. Therefore, trade is improved.


The panoramic view that will appear short after you leave Söğüt is maybe the most impressive one in Selimiye. Passing through Taşlıca is like making a journey to the past: this place is still far away from the logic of mass tourism and its isolation preserves from social and cultural changes. Every house still has its own water cistern for the collection of water. The village and its surroundings are full of archeological ruins.
The landscape to Selimiye Pier is very different from what you have seen until now. There are fig and almond trees along the road. The timid donkeys are resting below the trees. Selimiye Pier offers a protected shelter to the boats even in the harshest weather conditions.


Eski Datça attracts visitors for its very nice old stone houses all in the same style along cobbled streets. Everything is extremely well-kept, climbing the hillside in between a greenery. A walk around the village takes just a few minutes, but there are several handicraft shops and a few cafés, so staying longer is very attractive.

Knidos is in Datça district of Muğla. In 4th century BC, Knidos has been carried to the place where the magnificent remains are seen today, that is also the edge point of the peninsula. Two different harbors had been built by filling the sea between the island and the land. The harbor in the North side was named “Northern Harbor” and used for military purpose. The harbor in the South was used for commerce. Aphrodite of Knidos found in Temple of Aphrodite is the most important archeological finding. Knidos is one of the most important cities of Caria with its two harbors, two theatres, agora and construction ruins on the terraces.


Bodrum is the site of the ancient city of Halikarnassus, the location of the famous Mausoleum of Halikarnassus – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Although more than a million tourists flock to its beaches, boutique hotels and clubs each summer, Bodrum never loses its cool. Bodrum is a fascinating place as it has a pleasing contrast between the Ancient city and a playground for rich Turks and an array of foreign visitors.

Bodrum is an inviting, colorful crowd full of surprises, sometimes a humble wiseacre and a loose wise man, sometimes it is an alone crazy, it is freedom, love; Bodrum is sun, sea and after all it is history… In short Bodrum is everything and everybody. Because everybody has it is own Bodrum here. Some live a modest, peaceful and quiet life, some live crazily madly. Bodrum is a White that bears all colors and also internalizes them. It rains different here and also the sun rise different and sets completely different. Wind blows different, sea smells else. Bodrum is the naughtiest, the haughtiest, the most inert, the most beautiful, the most honest and the most frank child of Nature Mother.


Further to the south is the ancient city of Priene, built according to a geometricplan designed by the great architect of Milet, Hippodamos. Milet was a great centre of commerce and thought in the ancient world, and was the venue of many significant developments, scientific and intellectual. The nearby Didim, though not one of theancient cities, is still famous for its magnificent temple dedicated to Apollo_On the Izmir-Antalya road, Aphrodisias (Geyre) was an important centre for culture and art famous for its training in sculpture.


Pigeon island in KusadasiKusadasi, which means “bird island”, is set in a superb gulf in the Aegean region of Turkey and is known for its turquoise sparkling water of the Sea, broad sandy beaches, bright sun and large marina with a capacity for 600 boats.


When we speak about Ephesus, we are not speaking of an ordinary, touristic sightseeing spot. First of all once Ephesus was the second biggest city in ancient world and one of the cultural, economic capitals. Due to it's geopolitical location all the major events of the ancient ages left some traces here like ''The Battle of Ephesus'' where Greeks encirceled by Persian tyranny fought for freedom, construction of ''Artemis Temple'' which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, becoming the capital of the western Anatolia and having a population estimated to be in the range of 200,000 to 225,000, hosting St. Paul and St. John, hosting The First Council of Ephesus which was the third ecumenical council of the early Christian Church, held at the Church of Mary in Ephesus, birth place of Pope John VI and the list goes on more and more.

The city was also famous as a core of religious godliness. From earliest periods, it made around an oldest Temple of Artemis, and now regarded as the one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Before Christian time, the city played a very significant responsibility in the spread of Christianity. With the coming of St. Paul, who utilizes the Ephesus city as the main place to expand Christianity to Greece and nearby cities, the standing or reputation of this city improved and was later place to important cults which includes those of Virgin Mary and Saint John.


The date of the settlement BC The castle built by the Ottomans in Sığacık, the old settlement area in the castle, the monumental constructions belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods in the district center, the archaeological and historical resource potential of the region, the ancient ruins of the ancient city of Teos in Sığacık, the ruins of the ruins dating back to 1000, the ruins of Karaköse in Doganbey- . Seferihisar has 27 km of coastline and beautiful beaches and a koylar.


The very popular holiday center of Ilica boasts an excellent white sand beach and the outstanding facilities of the Altin Yunus Marina and Holiday Complex. The bay here is ideal for water sports, especially windsurfing and sailing; there is even an International Windsurfing Race held every year in Çesme and Alaçati, apart from Bodrum. The thermal baths around Ilica are very popular; the best being located on Sifne Bay. In 146 AD the Greek geographer Pausanius described these mineral springs as the ‘sea springs’ and claimed that their therapeutic effects were superior to any other spa in Ionia. Ildiri, a quiet seaside village 20 km. northeast of Çesme, was ancient Erythrai which emerges on the stage of history in 3000 BC. Excavations here have shown that the site has been settled since the early bronze age, and as a result the area around the village of Ildiri has been declared a national heritage site.


Very old settlement center. Today, this feature is still preserved. it is also rich in water minerals. There are beautiful natural bays and beaches. There are many historical monuments like the ancient city of Teos. As you drive along the panoramic Karaburun peninsula coast road, you pass several peaceful bays and quaint fishing villages, Balikliova, Mordogan and Karaburun. From Manastir Mountain you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Karaburun coast, the Foça coastline opposite and the entrance of the Gulf of Izmir.


The Efes-Mimas road, which is the basis of the peninsula travel routes, enables tourists to learn about the area by actually touring it. The routes intersect with clean beaches, forest camps, daily touristic areas, excavation sites, ruin sites, museum, olive oil mills, vineyards, village motels, restaurants that serve local food, marketplaces an


Located in a narrow bay, Izmir is a modern city and the third largest in Turkey, as well as the major part on the Aegean. It brims with life and is a busy commercial centre, with broad boulevards and modern architecture, combined with the traditionalred-tiled roofs of the old houses in the bazaar area. The peninsula of Çesme with its brilliant waters, superb beaches and thermal springs, lies to the west of Izmir.Among the most famous cities of the ancient world, Ephesus was one of the biggest during the Roman era. A treasury of all the riches of Ionian culture, Ephesus had a reputation for philosophy and critical thinking.

The Temple of Artemis, one of theseven wonders of the ancient world, as well as countless statues, theatres, libraries, markets and smaller temples were all architectural symbols of the city's fame. 

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